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The handling of business-crucial portal systems and portlet components are among Point Software’s core competencies. We offer proven experience gathered in the course of the largest portal projects with the Swiss banks and insurance industry as well as in the field of digital libraries.

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Welcome to, the world’s first combined Web portal for digital libraries, networking, data aggregation and collaboration.


Offer your readers comprehensive collaboration tools for the forming of interest, work or project groups with their own forums, along with a document management system, blog and instant messaging.

Digital library

Publish your open access content or commercial journal in an intuitively operable Web portal. You have the option of personalizing your library with your company’s or institution’s visual identity, and can individually compose it to suit your needs using drag & drop.

Data aggregation

Compile publications from various institutions, publishers, libraries or educational facilities from commercial and open-access sectors in your library.


LoCo is a localized community app available for iPhone and Android. It enables friends, family or unknown people in the area to find one another and to come into contact in a playful way.

Localization of other users

The geo coordinates of community members and companies are shown on LoCo’s map overview. By permitting messaging, news about special offers and sales at your favorite shops are sent to you or you will be notified if friends or acquaintances are in your area.

Contact management

Easily manage your friends and contacts. Through contact lists you can set your availability however you like it, so that you are only visible to a particular group.


Send text, picture, video or voice messages to community members near you. With public chats you can easily contact unknown members, and with your friends with private chats.

Private mode

You can set who you are visible to in private mode. To protect your privacy, you have the option of being visible to all Loco users, only your friends or no one.

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The aim of Sciencegate is to make scientific literature from the open access segment available free of charge on the Internet.

To attain this goal, scientific data from over 1,400 universities and open access journals are compiled, categorized and refined in the Sciencegate internal database. The database currently contains 26 million data records on scientific articles. Sciencegate thereby plays in the top league globally in the field of archiving and aggregation of scientific documents as part of the Open Archives Initiative. All newly published articles worldwide are entered within 24 hours and made available on Sciencegate as a single point of entry for science and research.