The art of engineering

Attempt at a definition

Art is an essential form of expression for the thoughts and emotions that drive people. It is an expression of creativity and the need to communicate. Art transcends space, language and time, finding its way to us in a never-ending stream of expressive forms.

Our form of expression

When someone masters something extraordinarily well, is a master of his craft, then he is considered to be an artist. In addition to the visual arts field, which we naturally consider as art, there are also other artistic areas, such as handcrafts, the art of rhetoric or even the art of engineering.

Our form of expression – the creative power of the engineer as a master of his craft, as an artist – is mirrored in our day to day actions and in our philosophy:

The Art of Engineering.

The art of business analysis and requirements engineering

We use our broad knowledge in the service sector to generate customized reports. We analyze your existing processes, define innovative and efficient solutions based on your needs and derive from these the required specifications according to the best practice approach. In the process, we use a structured procedure based on proven business analysis methods.

Depending on your needs, we offer our business analysis service exclusively or in combination with other Point Software services, including project management, software engineering and application performance management.

We advise and support you individually and competently in the areas of business analysis, requirements engineering and process engineering.

The art of software engineering

Successful business management requires professional IT solutions. With our well-founded knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to support you in matters and relevant areas:

We define, design and synchronize your IT processes in tune with your value creation chain. We elaborate your IT strategy and plan your system architecture. We optimize existing solutions, support the development of new IT systems and contribute towards boosting your operative performance.

Depending on the situation and needs, we augment your development department or take on the complete project planning and implementation of high-quality individual solutions – with a fixed cost cap and according to a preset schedule.

We are happy to advise you individually on all questions regarding project planning.

The art of performance engineering

A high-performance application requires solid system architecture. Our application performance team of experts supports you in all aspects pertaining to the performance of your system, regardless of whether your software is in development, is about to be commissioned or is already in use.

To be able to recognize optimization potential early on, our engineers evaluate the architecture of your IT system during the development phase. We also analyze heterogeneous and highly-integrated systems for performance weaknesses before they are placed into operation; we define an actions catalogue and carry out the appropriate optimization steps.

Our performance firefighting team is at your side in problem situations. We determine the key performance points of your applications on site, conduct analyses ranging from the business transaction to the code level and, if desired, support your developer team with carrying out the optimization tasks.

Learn about our qualified managed performance services.

The art of mobile engineering

Mobile app solutions from Point Software

With our broad-based knowledge and technology resources, we can also offer the optimal app solution for your company, even with complex requirements.

With iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android (phone and tablets), Windows 8 and Web-App (CSS3 and HTML5), we work with all relevant platforms and end devices. We program your mobile app solutions entirely according to your individual needs and, of course, also implement your store connection.

Contact our specialists for customized mobile app solutions.

Managed services

Services you really need

Concentrate on your core business and let us manage your IT needs – at a transparent, fixed price.

Our managed services offer you advantages, particularly if you are a small or mid-sized company: by outsourcing your IT needs you save money – more than you would have had to invest in building up an internal IT department.

Our specialists advise you competently and comprehensively.